How to Check My Boost Mobile Email

By Cameron Easey

Boost Mobile is a cell phone company that provides various services, without a contract. There are many types of phones available, with options that include mobile web browsing and email. The email option for a Boost Mobile phone is called Media Mail. Media Mail provides you with the ability to attach an image or file to a text message. Checking messages is done by using the Internet, to access your Boost Mobile account.

Step 1

Open a text message that was received on your phone. You will receive a "return" text message after sending a message with an attachment.

Step 2

View the message and make a note of the password. This will be needed to access your messages on the Internet.

Step 3

Enter the URL "" into the address bar of your web browser. Press the "Enter" key to load the web page.

Step 4

Enter you Boost Mobile phone number into the text boxes for "Phone Number."

Step 5

Enter your password into the text box for "Password."

Step 6

Click the "sign in" button to view your sent and received text messages.

Tips & Warnings

  • Media Mail will allow you to view shared messages. You will also be able to save text messages and attachments, using web storage.