How to Check the IMEI in an iPhone for Information

By Erika Dean

If you recently purchased an iPhone from somewhere besides the Apple company, you may want to check the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) information on your iPhone. The information an IMEI search yields includes phone type, the company that manufactured the phone and most importantly, whether the IMEI is valid. Every cell phone has an IMEI number and cell phone companies use this to stop people from connecting to wireless networks with stolen phones. It takes little time to find the IMEI and look up the IMEI information for your iPhone, so you can find out whether the phone is stolen.

Step 1

Press the "Home" button and unlock your iPhone.

Step 2

Tap "Settings" to access your iPhone settings, such as email and hardware settings.

Step 3

Select "General" from the settings list and then tap "About." You can check information on your network, serial number and IMEI here.

Step 4

Scroll down the list of information until you find "IMEI." The 15-digit number to the right of IMEI is the IMEI number for your phone.

Step 5

Go to a website specializing in IMEI, such as International Numbering Plans or Tech Yard and enter the IMEI number.

Step 6

Press "Enter" and information for the IMEI will come up, such as the phone type and validity of the IMEI number. If the number is not valid, this means the phone is stolen and your phone may be blocked from accessing a wireless network.