How to Check Unknown Numbers

By Maya Walker

If you received a call from an unknown number, you can check online and potentially determine who the identity of the caller. Services such as White Pages and Cell Revealer offer free searches of mobile and landline phones. When using a site such as Mr. Number, you can even learn more about the caller from other people who have received calls from the same number. In some cases, the identity of the caller may not be revealed, but location details may be available.

Step 1

Access and click “Reverse Phone.” Enter the 10-digit number and click “Find.” Information for the number listed can include its registered name and address. If the number is not available, the city and state will be listed.

Step 2

Access to check an unknown cellphone number. Enter the number in the indicated fields and click “Reveal.” The account holder's name will be displayed.

Step 3

Access and enter the 10-digit number you want to check. Mr. Number offers checks for personal and business numbers. Scroll to the bottom of the results to read comments about each number.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also enter the 10-digit phone number in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo Search or Bing to check an unknown number.