How to Choose A Prayer Template

By Linda Woolhether

Prayer templates assist you in collecting and organizing prayers. Templates provide you with a method of collecting all the information you want and need. They help in keeping track of personal prayers or a group of prayers for others. These formatted pages prompt you by requesting names of people asking for prayer, answers, dates and times when answers were received and types of prayer requests. Automated and manual prayer templates provide you with unlimited organizational possibilities and instant review on demand.

Things You'll Need

  • Prayer Template
  • Prayer Journal
  • Writing Tools
  • Humble & Listening Heart

Step 1

Decide what your prayer needs are and search for a template that fits your unique preferences. Look for online journal programs that offer pages that are already formatted or give you the option of creating your own. Prayer list templates include information on kinds of prayers, time of prayers and other details deemed necessary.

Step 2

Search for programs that allow you to sort by categories you designate. For example, if you need to sort by study group, people, key words in the prayer requests or answered/not yet answered prayers, choose one that provides those options. Look for one that allows you to manually enter all information and create your own format, if you prefer.

Step 3

Select a basic prayer template to keep your prayer journal simple. The input fields and prompts are kept to a minimum. With this prayer template, you only need to include basic information. Enter the date of the prayer, the prayer request and the date the prayer answer was received. This simple organization allows you to enter data and retrieve results quickly.

Step 4

Choose a template that gives you more prompts to fill in more information if you want a more detailed journal. Fill in who asked you to pray, the location where you received the request and how the prayer was answered. If you often receive several prayer requests, this template would work well to help you stay organized.

Step 5

Select a template specifically designed for Bible study or other small groups. These templates give a date range and a place for the group's information, as well individual requests like the basic template. This tool allows you to email or print information to share with your group members. It works especially well for group leaders.

Tips & Warnings

  • Determine your specific needs before choosing a journal program.