How to Clear a DVD-R

By Sarah Jorgensen

DVD-R discs are recorded by a DVD burner in your computer. A variety of free applications for burning and erasing data discs are available online. You can use the same program you burned the disc with to erase data on a DVD-R. You cannot record new data to a cleared DVD-R if it has already been burned once.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD recording/erasing software

Step 1

Push the "Power" button on your computer, and open the DVD burning application. Insert the DVD-R disc that you want to erase into your computer's DVD burner.

Step 2

Click "Erase Disc" in the program's main menu, and select the disc drive containing your DVD-R. Click "Next." The program begins erasing all data from the DVD-R disc.

Step 3

Wait for the disc erase process to complete, then click "Finish," and exit the program. The DVD-R disc is cleared of all data files.

Tips & Warnings

  • You cannot re-burn a previously recorded disc that has been erased unless the disc is a CD-RW or DVD-RW.