How to Connect a Cell Phone to Outlook

By Stephen A. Powell

Microsoft Outlook Mobile allows you to connect to your computer’s Outlook information using your cell phone or compatible mobile device. You may also synchronize updated information between your cell phone and computer when you connect. This convenience only requires a Windows Mobile 5-enabled cell phone and a physical or Wi-Fi connection to get started.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone with Windows Mobile 5.0 or later
  • Microsoft Outlook Mobile
  • Desktop computer with Microsoft Outlook
  • Mini-USB-to-USB connector cable (optional)

Step 1

Download Microsoft Outlook Mobile onto your cell phone if it did not come pre-installed onto your Windows Mobile-enabled cell phone. Visit the Download Microsoft Office Mobile link in the Resources section to purchase the software bundle, which includes Microsoft Outlook Mobile.

Step 2

Install and open Microsoft Outlook Mobile on your cell phone. Set up your Microsoft Outlook profile on the mobile device. Use the same profile information as you do for your desktop.

Step 3

Connect your cell phone to your computer if both operating systems are compatible. Use a mini-USB-to-USB connector cable or Bluetooth connectivity to do so.

Step 4

Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Synchronize your Microsoft Outlook data between the two devices for added convenience.