How to Connect a Cell to a Landline

By Greyson Ferguson

If you have a cell phone, you probably have no need for a land-line. However, it is not always convenient to carry your cell phone with you all the time while at home. It is possible to connect your cell phone to your land line so that calls coming into your cell phone can be answered on any standard telephone connected to the land-line.

Things You'll Need

  • MERGE or Dock-N-Talk
  • Land-line based phone
  • Phone line cable

Step 1

Plug a standard phone line cable into one of the phone jacks in your wall. Connect the opposite end of the cable into a device such as a MERGE or Dock-N-Talk. These products redirect your cell phone calls to your land-line.

Step 2

Dock your cell phone with the MERGE or Dock-N-Talk. These devices also charge your cell phone while it is docked. The cell phone connects to a docking cradle on the device. (Because some cell phones use different connection ports, read the packaging of the device to make sure your cell phone is supported).

Step 3

Plug additional phone cables into other phone jacks in your home (if your home phones aren't connected to the land-line ports). Insert the free ends of the cables to your land-line based telephones. Phones connected to the land-line will receive calls to your cell phone.