How to Connect a Laptop TV for Sound

By Jack Gorman

Connecting a laptop to a television so that the sound comes out of the TV requires only a couple of simple connections. It used to be that computers were computers and home audio/video electronics were not. However, the line between these is blurring; DVRs are essentially cable boxes with hard drives, and several websites offer free TV shows. Eventually, it seems, these two technologies will merge.

Things You'll Need

  • 3.5 mm to RCA (red/white) cables

Step 1

Insert the long silver metal end of the "3.5 mm to RCA" cable into the headphones jack of your laptop.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the wire (the one with red and white plugs) into the RCA audio inputs on your television. These will be red and white and labeled input. Insert the plugs, matching red to red and white to white.

Step 3

Set your television to the correct video mode to hear your sound. This will require the use of your television's remote control; the button will be labeled something like "Source" or "TV/Video." If you have problems with this, check your television's manual.

Step 4

Turn your computer's volume to maximum. You can use the television to control the volume then, as your computer will be broadcasting the entire range of sound.