How to Connect a Mac Laptop to a Flat-Screen TV

By Jason Taetsch

Connect your Mac laptop to your flat-screen TV to enjoy your digital videos and pictures on a larger screen. Use the external video port on your Mac to make the connection to the input panel of your television. The Mac laptop requires an Apple display adapter in order to make any connections to the external video port.

Things You'll Need

  • Apple display adapter
  • VGA cable

Step 1

Locate the external video port on the left side of your Mac laptop.

Step 2

Insert the small end of the display adapter into the external video port.

Step 3

Attach one side of the VGA cable to the end of the Apple display adapter. Screw down the fasteners on either side of the cable to secure the connection.

Step 4

Insert the other side of the VGA cable to the PC or RGB port on the input panel of the flat-screen.

Step 5

Turn on the TV and press the "Input" button until the picture from the Mac's monitor appears on the screen.