How to Connect a PC to a Laptop Monitor

Its easy to connect a desktop or PC computer to a laptop monitor. This is a simple way to create a situation where you can look at content on a screen that’s bigger than the space provided on your PC’s screen. Some laptops also allow you to display content on both screens at the same time, or switch between screens with the press of a button.

Connecting a PC to a laptop screen is easy with a VGA cable.

Connecting a PC to a Laptop Monitor


Connect a PC’s monitor to a laptop computer using a VGA, or video graphics array, cable. If you don’t have a VGA cable, you can purchase one online or at an electronics retail store for around $5 - $10. Locate the VGA cable output on the back of your PC monitor which should be plugged into the VGA cable input port on the back of your PC tower.


Screw one end of the VGA cable into the back of your PC monitor and screw the other end into the VGA port on your laptop. The VGA input port will be located on the back or side of your laptop. Your laptop may automatically display the screen content from your PC, or you may have to enter a key sequence to make this happen.


Press the function, “fn,” key on your computer and either the “F3” “F4” “F7” or “F9” button. Since different brand PCs use different "F" buttons to switch between screen display inputs, try the different options until you find the one that works with your computer.