How to Connect a Standard TV Cable to an HDMI System

By Greyson Ferguson

High-definition television systems obtain high-definition audio and video signals from source devices via HDMI cable. However, even these televisions are still able to obtain audio and video from other cable connections, the quality just isn't going to be high definition. Because of this, you are able to connect a standard-television cable (known as a coaxial cable) into the TV from the source device (such as an antenna or VCR).

Things You'll Need

  • Coaxial cable

Step 1

Connect the coaxial cable into the "Out" port on the source device. Hand tighten the cable to secure the connection.

Step 2

Insert the other end of the cable into the "In" coaxial cable port on the back of the high-definition television system.

Step 3

Power on the HDTV and the connected source device.

Step 4

Press the "Input" option on the TV, then choose "Tuner" as the input device. The HDTV now displays the connected standard TV cable information.