How to Connect to an External Hard Drive Wirelessly

By Erick Kristian

Connecting to an external hard drive wirelessly is not necessarily easy ,especially if the hard drive is not a wireless hard drive. The easiest way to connect a hard drive wirelessly is to buy a wireless hard drive. Connecting an external hard drive wirelessly requires the use of some third party hardware. The hard drive can be connected to a wireless router that is designed to accept external hard drive inputs. Alternatively, a "Wireless USB Hub and Adapter" allows you to connect to multiple hard drives and USB devices wirelessly.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless router with USB inputs
  • Wireless USB hub and adapter
  • USB-to-Ethernet cable

Step 1

Connect the hard drive to a wireless router with USB inputs. Many newer wireless routers have USB inputs as well as Ethernet ports, and are designed specifically for connecting printers, scanners and external hard drives. Connect the external hard drive to one of the USB inputs on the wireless router. Plug in the external hard drive and turn it on. The router should automatically pick up the new device and it should be available over the computer's network.

Step 2

Connect multiple external hard drives to a "Wireless USB Hub and Adapter." This connector can be purchased at many electronics stores for less than $100. It can usually accept four or more USB devices. Plug the external hard drive into the USB hub, along with any other USB devices or hard drives. Plug the wireless connection stick (it looks like a USB stick) into the computer. Plug the USB hub in and turn it and all the devices on. Install the software for the USB hub and connect with the devices.

Step 3

Purchase a USB-to-Ethernet cable. This option works for wireless routers that do not have USB inputs. Plug the external hard drive into the cable's USB port. Plug the other end (the Ethernet jack) into the router's Ethernet port. Turn on the hard drive. The USB device should now be visible on the computer's network as an additional computer.