How to Connect Your Bluetooth to Your Phone

By Ann Mapleridge

Bluetooth can allow you to connect a Bluetooth-enabled accessory such as a headset, speakerphone, GPS, or even a car stereo to your phone without using wires. Once connected, Bluetooth accessories can transfer data to and from your phone and be used as hands-free devices for times when you need to keep your hands free for other activities such as driving. Connecting a Bluetooth accessory to your phone can be done fairly easily in just a few minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone
  • Bluetooth accessory

Step 1

Power on the Bluetooth accessory or device you would like to connect to your phone and place it near your handset.

Step 2

Go into the settings menu of your mobile phone and select "Bluetooth" from the available options.

Step 3

Select "Search for new devices" from your phone's Bluetooth menu to have the phone look for your Bluetooth accessory.

Step 4

Select the accessory you would like to connect to your phone from the list of devices that appear. Your phone will list all the Bluetooth-capable devices that are powered on near it.

Step 5

Enter in the pairing code or passkey for your Bluetooth accessory into your phone when prompted. The pairing code is a series of letters and numbers unique to your device. In most cases the pairing code can be found on a sticker attached to the device itself, or attached to the front of the device's instruction book.

Step 6

Start using your Bluetooth device with your phone. Your accessory will now be permanently connected to you mobile phone, with no need to repeat the pairing process again in the future.