How to Contact Ebay Customer Support

By Techwalla Internet Editor

It's true that eBay strives to make its site as user friendly as possible. There are pages upon pages of help topics with extensive and comprehensive answers to nearly any question you could have regarding the use of eBay. However, questions are as unique as the people who ask them. Therefore, it is inevitable that someone, somewhere will eventually have a question the help pages cannot answer. If this happens to you, you will need to contact eBay customer support.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Computer
  • Valid eBay account

Know How to Contact eBay Customer Support

Step 1

Log in to eBay using your user ID and password (see Resources below).

Step 2

Select the "Help" tab.

Step 3

Click on "Contact Us." You can find this link on any page in the Help section.

Step 4

Look at the possible help topics. Select the appropriate one for your situation from the drop-down box.

Step 5

Click on "Continue."

Step 6

Determine a subtopic. You will be asked to choose at least one and perhaps two, depending on the issue. Once you have selected your subtopic(s), click on "Continue."

Step 7

Read the materials provided. The information you need may exist on the eBay help site somewhere. Know that eBay will provide you with links to the potential answers to your question. Click on these links and read the corresponding pages. If your question is answered there, you will not need to contact customer support. However, if you still do not see the answer you need, you should proceed with contacting the customer support department.

Step 8

Click the "Email Us" link.

Step 9

Enter an item number in the provided field if your question is about a particular item or listing. If not, type your question or issue in the question box.

Step 10

Click "Send." You have just contacted eBay customer support.

Step 11

Wait for a day or two. Then, eBay will send you an email with a response to your question, but it may not happen right away. Be patient. Responses are usually received within a few days of when you initially contacted customer support.

Tips & Warnings

  • To find out more on how to contact eBay customer support, go to the eBay Help page (see Resources below).
  • Be on guard against identity thieves. Keep personal information to yourself when dealing with other eBay users and change your password as often as you can. eBay tries hard to protect your personal information, so help them out by taking these measures.