How to Convert a PDF Into Fillable Forms

By Carl Hose

A PDF, which stands for portable document format, is a cross-platform file that allows sharing of documents between users regardless of operating system. Since PDF is such a widely used format, many online businesses share forms in the PDF format. If you're looking for a way to fill out one of these forms, there is a free-of-charge way to turn a PDF into an editable document.

Things You'll Need

  • Online PDF Conversion

Step 1

Save the original PDF form to your desktop.

Step 2

Sign up for and download an online PDF conversion service. Several choices can be found in the "Resources" section. The websites work nearly identically, so there's no real advantage in choosing one over the other.

Step 3

Log in to your account. Click on the "Start" or "Upload" button and select the file you want to edit from your desktop. The file will open in a work window, ready to edit.

Step 4

Click in any of the form fields you want to fill in. Type your text into each field as needed. You can also use the toolbar to add or delete pages of your form as necessary. It's also possible to change the font properties from the "Font" options menu.

Step 5

When you are finished editing, click the "Save" icon and the file will save to your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some of these websites have a limit the size of the file you're able to convert, usually at 4 MB.