How to Convert a PDF to Word Using Acrobat Pro

By Lanae Carr

Adobe Acrobat Professional allows users to create secure electronic documents and combine files from multiple applications into a single Adobe PDF document for a more simplified and professional distribution. Adobe also allows file conversions from Portable Document Format (PDF) to Word, in case you do not have the original file from which the PDF was created, but would like to make edits to the PDF.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional

Step 1

Open the PDF file you wish to convert into Word by clicking File, then Open. Locate the file in the browser window and click Open.

Step 2

Click Export in the Tasks Toolbar along the top of the window. From the drop-down menu, a list of supported conversion file types will appear. Select Microsoft Word.

Step 3

Type the name under which you would like to save the document, and the folder where you want the document stored, and click Save. If the author has not granted permission for edits to the document, you will not be able to save the converted file.

Step 4

Locate the converted document in the folder you designated. Open the new Word file to review it. Occasionally, some coding in lost in the transfer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be prepared to edit your file after conversion. The text file you obtain when you export a PDF to RTF or Word format is not equivalent to the source file in the original application.
  • There are many freeware and shareware options for PDF conversion available online, but few credible, reliable publishers. Often, downloads fail to perform as promised or perform at all. Stick to verifiable publishing companies who can promise a safe, quality download for your computer.