How to Convert a VHS to a DVD at CVS

By J.M. Chanel

CVS Pharmacy stores offer VHS-to-DVD conversion at the photo counter. This conversion is a sure way to archive your home movies. Since VHS tapes will degrade over time, it is highly recommended to make a DVD backup of your home movies to prevent them from becoming lost. VHS tapes are sent off to the YesVideo company, who transfers the VHS tapes to high-quality recordable DVD-Rs, complete with menus. At the time of publication, prices for transferring VHS to DVD at CVS started at $24.99 and took approximately three to four weeks for processing.

Step 1

Open the Internet browser on your computer. Visit

Step 2

Click on the "Photo" link at the top of the page.

Step 3

Scroll to the bottom of the CVS Photo page. Click "DVD Transfer" under the "Other Services" heading.

Step 4

Click on the "Videotapes to DVD" link. Click on the red "Get Started" button on the next page that appears.

Step 5

Select whether you are sending one or two VHS tapes. Only two VHS tapes can be transferred to a DVD. Click the "Next" button.

Step 6

Select whether you want your VHS tapes repaired or need your tape converted from an overseas format, such as PAL or SECAM. These services cost an additional $10 each. Click the red "Next" button.

Step 7

Choose your DVD menu. Click the red "Next" button.

Step 8

Enter a title for your DVD. Press the "Next" button.

Step 9

Choose how many copies of the final DVD you want to purchase. Click the "Next" button.

Step 10

Type any special instructions into the text box that appears, and click the "Next" button.

Step 11

Read the service policies and click the check box to agree to them. Click the "Next" button when you are finished.

Step 12

Confirm that the VHS tapes you are sending do not contain copyrighted material. Click the "Next" button to continue.

Step 13

Enter your name, email address and phone number. Click the "Next" button.

Step 14

Confirm the order details and click the "Yes, Create My Order Form Now!" button to continue.

Step 15

Print the order form that appears in your browser window.

Step 16

Bring the VHS tapes you want transferred, along with the order form, to the nearest CVS Pharmacy store and deliver them to the representative at the photo counter. They will send your VHS tapes to be converted to DVD and the final DVDs will be available for pickup at the store in three to four weeks.

Tips & Warnings

  • CVS can also transfer movie film and slide photographs to DVD using the same service.