How to Convert Audio to Text on Mac

By K.C. Winslow

There has been only one way to convert audio to text for most of recorded history---with a pen and paper. Advancements in computer technology in recent years have brought about a number of improvements that have a variety of applications, from helping students record important lectures to allowing those with motor impairments to communicate in writing. There are several ways to convert audio to text on Mac computers.

Step 1

Dictate your thoughts using MacSpeech Dictate, a speech recognition software that converts your spoken words into text. MacSpeech Dictate works with common Mac applications such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop and the iWork suite of applications. The cost of MacSpeech Dictate includes a special microphone. MacSpeech offers specialized versions of the program for those dictating information in the legal or medical fields.

Step 2

Transcribe a recorded audio file manually using Express Scribe Transcription Playback Software. This free program allows you to control the playback of an audio file with keyboard shortcuts while you type out the audio. While this option takes the longest, it is also the least expensive option.

Step 3

Convert a recorded audio file to text with the MacSpeech Scribe program. MacSpeech Scribe can transcribe .wav, .aif, .aiff, .m4v, .mp4 and .m4a audio files. You open the audio file in MacSpeech Scribe, click the "Transcribe" button, and the program immediately starts processing the file. The program boasts an accuracy rate of up to 99 percent, according to the MacSpeech Scribe website.