How to Convert Docx to JPG

By Craig Witt

Microsoft Word is one of the world's most widely used word processing applications. It helps users create a wide range of print documents, from letters and envelopes to brochures, forms, flyers and newsletters. The program saved documents in the DOC format until the release of Word 2007, when the newer, XML-based DOCX format was introduced as the default file type. If you want to convert the contents of a DOCX file to the JPG image format, use a free, Web-based utility to perform the task.

Step 1

Open your Web browser and log on to the Document Converter eXPress website (see Resources).

Step 2

Select "JPEG" from the "Output format" drop-down menu.

Step 3

Enter "72" in the resolution field if you plan to use your image on the Web. To use the image in a print document, leave the default "300" value in place.

Step 4

Click the "Quality" drop-down menu and select "100."

Step 5

Click "Choose File," locate your DOCX file, then select it by double-clicking its icon.

Step 6

Select "Wait for conversion in browser" from the "Delivery Method" drop-down menu.

Step 7

Click "Upload & Convert" to convert the file.

Step 8

Right-click the link containing the JPG's file name, select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As," and save the file to your computer when prompted.