How to Convert NEF to JPG

By Jamie Lisse

NEF files are raw image files that usually come from a scanner or a digital camera's image sensor. Since NEF files are raw files you have to convert them to another image format in order to be able to use them. You can convert NEF files to JPG with an image converter like the ReaJPEG. ReaJPEG is a batch photo editor that supports NEF input files and can easily convert them to JPG files.

Things You'll Need

  • ReaJPEG

Step 1

Download and install ReaJPEG from the ReaSoft website (see Resources). There is a free trial version of this program for a limited time.

Step 2

Launch ReaJPEG on your computer. When you launch it you will see a small toolbar and a large white space for editing photos.

Step 3

Locate your NEF file on your computer. Click on your NEF file and then drag and drop it into the white space area of the ReaJPEG screen. This opens up the NEF file in ReaJPEG.

Step 4

Make any changes to the NEF file that you want. ReaJPEG is a real photo editing program, so if you need to tweak the size or anything like that of the NEF file you can do it right in ReaJPEG.

Step 5

Click the "Save Image" button on the toolbar to save the NEF file as a JPG. JPG is the only type of output that ReaJPEG does. It saves the file immediately so there is no waiting for a JPG file. As soon as you save it you have a JPG file that you can work with.