How to Convert WMA to MP3

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Windows Media Audio (WMA) and MP3 are audio recordings at different bit rates that allow listeners to enjoy music files online and offline. These formats let you compress music into less bulky files that retain the original sound quality. There are various software programs available which can convert WMA to MP3.

Step 1

Create a folder on the desktop to hold all the WMAs that you plan to convert to MP3. You have the option of changing the names of the files.

Step 2

Purchase an audio conversion software program from your local electronic store or download it from the Internet. Pick a program that specifically converts Window Media Audio to MP3. Follow the instructions to install the software and then restart your computer.

Step 3

Transfer the WMA files that you placed in a separate folder in Step 1 and follow the software's instructions to convert to MP3. Choose the bit rate you prefer for the conversion. The bit rate selected for the MP3 determines the amount of time it takes to convert files from WMA to MP3 format.

Step 4

Set up a new folder on your desktop to store the converted MP3 files. This helps differentiate between the WMA and MP3 files when you access the music.

Step 5

Play the converted files to note the quality of the sound. Choose a different bit rate and convert the files again if you don't like the sound quality.

Tips & Warnings

  • When downloading a conversion software program from the Internet, use a DSL/cable modem Internet connection for quick results.