How to Convert YouTube Videos to DVD

By Greg Lindberg

Converting YouTube videos into a DVD format can be a simple process, but it depends on the method, and the method depends on the converting software you choose. If you have either Internet Explorer or Firefox, all you need to do is download a converter software and then use Windows Movie Maker or another program to burn the YouTube video to a DVD.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Movie Maker

Step 1

Open the YouTube video you would like to convert to DVD.

Step 2

Download software in another tab or window. Going to or will provide you with a converter format. For this example, let's use (see Resources).

Step 3

Copy the website link of the YouTube video into the available converter text box.

Step 4

Click "download" and wait. You can choose which type of file you'd like the video to be converted to. It's best to choose a file that you'd normally use for burning to a DVD that is compatible with whatever software you use. After downloading, make sure the file is saved to your computer.

Step 5

Insert a blank DVD into the DVD burner drive. For example, you can use Windows Movie Maker to import the video you just downloaded and then select "Capture Video." To directly burn to DVD, click on "Save to DVD" on the Finish Movie option. Your video will now burn to the DVD you inserted.

Tips & Warnings

  • Another option instead of using WIndows Movie Maker is to use ConvertXtoDVD or Super. Make sure you select the best option for your computer's compatibility.
  • Review the YouTube copyright policy to make sure you are not stealing any copyrighted material.