How to Copy a CD to a Phone

By Mitchell White

If you want to get the music files on your music CD over to your phone, you'll have to first "rip" the music onto your computer into a file format compatible with the phone and then transfer the music to the phone. The native program for Windows called Windows Media Player is capable of doing both of these functions, so you won't need to download any other software.

Step 1

Click "Start" in Windows and select "Windows Media Player."

Step 2

Select the "Rip" tab and click the arrow under the tab. Select "Format" and then "MP3." Insert the CD that you want to copy. The music will rip to the "Library" tab automatically.

Step 3

Connect your phone's USB cord to your computer and to your phone.

Step 4

Click the "Sync" tab in Windows Media Player. Click on the music that you just ripped in the folders on the bottom left of the Sync tab and drag the music over to the "Sync List" in the right side.

Step 5

Click "Start Sync" to copy the music to your phone.