How to Copy a Protected DVD

By Quinten Plummer

Because of copyright encryption protection, you may not be able to create a backup copy of a DVD that you legally own. There is a range of ways to circumvent the encryption and create a copy, so read on to learn more.

Things You'll Need

  • Original DVD
  • DVDShrink 3.x
  • Writable disk
  • Computer

Step 1

Download and install a copy of DVDShrink (see Resources below).

Step 2

You must be sure to insert the original DVD into your computer and to let it play for 1 minute or more, then start DVDShrink.

Step 3

At the top left of the program, press the "Open Disk" button. In the menu that appears, use the drop-down menu to select the disk you wish to copy and then click "OK." DVDShrink will now analyze the contents of the disk.

Step 4

After it is done analyzing, you will receive a menu that will allow you to adjust the video size and quality, the audio compression and the subtitles. After configuring the setting to your liking, click the "Backup" button at the top of the program.

Step 5

In the menu that appears, select the tab labeled "Target Device" and choose the appropriate burning device. And after tweaking the other tabs to your liking or leaving them in their default positions, click the tab labeled "Burn Setting."

Step 6

Under the heading "Disk Volume," type in the title of the DVD. Then choose your burn speed under the "Burn Speed" heading then click the "OK" at the bottom of the menu. The "Encoding" menu will appear and the DVDShrink will start the encoding process.

Step 7

After DVDShrink is done encoding, another menu will pop up and request a writable disk. Insert the disk and click "OK." The disk will eject at the end of the burning phase and will be ready to use.

Tips & Warnings

  • Copying DVD's that you do not own is illegal. This article is intended to assist DVD owners in the process of backing up legally purchased disks.