How to Copy a SIM Card to a Computer

By Ashli Norton

You have important contacts on your phone's SIM card, and they are at risk of being lost unless you can back them up to your desktop computer for safekeeping. A USB SIM card reader and its accompanying software can copy information stored on a phone's SIM card (i.e. your contacts and text messages from your phone) to your computer. A SIM card reader also is a handy tool for moving information to a new phone.

Things You'll Need

  • SIM Card with data
  • USB SIM Card Reader
  • USB SIM Card Reader software (provided by the SIM Card Reader manufacturer)
  • Computer with available USB port

Step 1

Power on your desktop computer.

Step 2

Install the software that comes with your USB SIM card reader.

Step 3

Remove the SIM card from your device.

Step 4

Insert your SIM card with the data you would like to copy via the USB SIM Card Reader.

Step 5

Connect your USB SIM Card Reader in an available USB port.

Step 6

Select the SIM card name from the list with the files you wish to copy to your computer when the prompt appears on your desktop. This will open the folder that shows all the content saved on your selected SIM card.

Step 7

Select all of the content/data with your computer mouse you would like to save on your computer and save it in a location on your computer you desire, such as a new folder on your desktop.

Tips & Warnings

  • Follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer as each USB SIM card reader has different directions.
  • Make sure the USB SIM Card Reader you choose is compatible with your operating system.