How to Copy an Email List

Email is an efficient way to contact a large number of people for invitations, newsletters, announcements or general correspondence. If you are building an email contact list that you intend to use repeatedly for various needs, it might be easiest to copy and paste the list from one email to another. This cut downs on the time it takes to put together an email recipient list each time you send an email to that group of people. You compile the list one time and use it over and over for mass emailing. Another time saver is copying a contact list from one email account into another account.

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Copying Email Lists


Generate an email list of the people you'd like to reach with a particular set of emails. The list may include people who are already in your email address book or a list that you've created elsewhere. If you built a list on paper, add those addresses to your email contacts.


When you have collected all the addresses into your contact list, make note of all the email addresses that you'd like to include in a certain email and select "Compose Email." Type all the addresses in the "To" field and save the email in your Drafts folder. Whenever you compose an email intended for that specific group of people, open that draft email, copy the addresses by going to Edit in your toolbar and selecting "Copy." Open a new, blank email and select "Paste" from the toolbar, and the email addresses appear in the "To" field. Repeat this any time you want to reuse this certain group of emails.


Copy email addresses from other email accounts by going to Settings and choosing "Account & Import." Select "Import mail and contacts" and enter your other email address list. Your email addresses will be copied from one account to the other.