How to Copy TIF Files Into a Word Document

By Katelyn Kelley

A TIF file, also known as a TIFF file, is a graphics file in Tagged Image File Format. TIFF files are compatible with Microsoft Word and can be easily added to a Word document with the "Insert Picture" command. TIFF graphics are widely used in desktop publishing for creating graphics used in print layouts. TIFF image file sizes, however, tend to be quite large, so for documents that will only be used electronically, a compressed JPG image may be a better choice.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word to a new blank document, or open the Word document you want to add the TIF/TIFF file to.

Step 2

Click the "Insert" menu and then "Picture > From File..." or if you're using Word 2007, click the "Insert" tab, then "Illustrations," then "Picture."

Step 3

Choose the file name of the picture you want to add in the "Choose a Picture" dialog box and click the "Insert" button.

Step 4

Use the handles on the edges of the picture to resize it if needed. Hold down the Shift key to resize it proportionally.

Tips & Warnings

  • Word may have trouble accepting a TIFF graphic with multiple alpha channels and display an error message when you attempt to insert the picture. If this happens, condense your graphic down to one channel with graphics editing software before trying to add it to the Word document.