How to Create a Calendar in MS Access 2007

By Erika Dean

Microsoft Access, a graphical interface for database management, allows you to create, read, update, and delete data elements. With Access, you can insert objects into a database, such as images, graphs, and charts. Access also features ActiveX Controls you can use to insert objects, such as flow charts or calendars. If you would like to create a calendar in Access, it is easy to do so.

Step 1

Open a new or existing database in Access and select the "Create" tab. Here you can create forms and reports.

Step 2

Click "Form Design" from the options that open. This will open a new form and opens the Design menu.

Step 3

Click "Insert ActiveX Control" button from the Design menu. A list appears under ActiveX Control.

Step 4

Choose "Calendar Control" from the list of ActiveX Control items and click "OK." A calendar will now appear in Access.

Step 5

Change the size of the calendar by dragging out one of the arrows located in the corner of the calendar.Scroll through the options in the drop-down boxes located on the calendar to change the month and year.

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