How to Create a Computer Program From Scratch

By G.S. Jackson

While many options and methods of computer program creation exist, certain basics apply to most situations. In the most superficial sense, a creator of a program can simply write computer code and then compile or interpret it, depending on the type of code. Most importantly, a creator of a program must understand how computers behave and how to instruct them to perform the desired task of the program.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Windows Operating System
  • Internet Access

Step 1

Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Express. Visual Studio allows a user to write code with an Interactive Development Environment (IDE). This means that code editing, compiling and execution can be preformed within the same program. Once downloaded, follow the installation instructions, which requires a computer restart upon completion.

Step 2

Begin a new C project. This will begin a session to write a program in the C programming language. Open Visual Studio C++ Express. In the introductory window that appears, select \"New Project.\" When the project selection window appears, select \"Win32 Project\" from the menu on the left, then select \"Win32 Console Application.\" Give the project a unique name and then click the \"OK\" button. The application wizard window will appear. Select \"Application Settings\" from the left-hand menu and make sure that the \"Empty Project\" check box under the \"Additional Options\" heading is selected. Then click the \"OK\" button.

Step 3

With the new project open, create a source file. In the Solution Navigator menu on the left hand side, right-click on the \"Source Files\" folder icon, and select \"Add New Item\" from the menu. In the window that appears, select \"C++ file.\" Give the file a name and click the OK button. Now select the file from the Solution navigator menu (See Reference 2).

Step 4

Copy and paste this example C code into the text editor that appears after the C++ file is selected:#includeint main(){ printf (\"Hello World!\\n\")GO return 0GO} Then save the file (press \"Ctrl\" and \"s\" at the same time). Now compile and run the code by pressing \"F7\" followed by \"F5.\" A console window should appear with the phrase \"Hello World!\" written.

Tips & Warnings

  • For more complex programming, obtain books on C++ and Visual Studio Express.