How to Create a Digital Handwritten Signature for Free

By Ivy Liu

Looking to add a personal touch to a resume or website? Add a handwritten signature. It's easy and free--just follow these steps to create your own digital handwritten signature.

Things You'll Need

  • PaintNET software (free download) or scanner

Step 1

Download Paint.NET, a free image editing software to create your own handwritten signature (see Resources below).

Step 2

Click on the right-hand side download link to the latest version of PaintNET. Choose one of the three download sites that appears on the middle right of the page. From the download site, click on the “Download Now” link, and when the window appears and gives you the options to run or save, click “Save.”

Step 3

Unzip the downloaded file. If you do not have an unzipping utility, you can download a free trial of WinZip (see Resources below).

Step 4

In the unzipped file folder, double-click on the GetPaint icon to install the program. The file ends in a “.exe” file extension.

Step 5

Open the Paint.NET program. Click on "File," then "New" to create a new file for your signature. Click on the text tool in the left floating sidebar; it has a large "T" on the button. Click on the white screen area and type your name.

Step 6

Change the font style and size by clicking on the arrows on the drop-down menus, which are located on the top toolbar. Experiment with different fonts and sizes to achieve the desired signature look.

Step 7

Save the file by clicking on “File” then “Save As.” Name the file, then click “Save.” Like any other image file, you can then insert this file into any document, such as a resume, or into any website or blog to sign off with a personal touch.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use script fonts or italics to get a handwritten look. Adjust the font so that your signature is a normal size and not too large or small compared to the surrounding text. Alternatively, you could write your own signature out on a piece of paper and use your scanner to scan it into a digital file. Then use Paint.NET to resize or crop your scanned signature if needed.

References & Resources