How to Create a Flow Chart in Word 2007

By Erica Sweeney

Creating a flow chart in Microsoft Word 2007 is much simpler than using past versions of Word to create one. Word 2007 has many automated tools to make this task very straightforward, with no need to draw boxes and their connectors. Creating a flow chart in Word 2007 includes only a few steps, so you will have a professional-looking flow chart in no time. Word 2007 lets you create the chart that you need and customize it any way that you like.

Step 1

Go to the "Insert" tab in Word 2007.

Step 2

Click "SmartArt" in the "Illustrations" section. A box will open allowing you to choose the type and style of flow chart that you want.

Step 3

Click on the type of chart that fits your needs. Most likely, you will need "Hierarchy." Once you click on the type of chart, you are given some options for the style of chart.

Step 4

Double-click on a style that you like, and it will appear in your Word document. Or you can click once on the style and then click "OK."

Step 5

Click inside each text box to enter your text. Adjust the font size and style, as needed. In most cases, the text boxes will adjust the font to fit inside the box as you enter it.

Step 6

Add new shapes to the flow chart. To do this, first click on the box above where you want to add a new shape. Then click on the little arrow next to "Add Shape" in the "Create Graphic" section of the "Design" tab. Choose "Add Shape After."

Step 7

Delete unneeded shapes by clicking them and pressing the "Delete" key.

Step 8

Use the tools in the "Layouts" and "SmartArt Styles" sections of the "Design" tab to customize the flow chart. Simply click on a new design or layout and the chart will change.

Step 9

Change the colors and shapes of the boxes of the flow chart if needed. To do this, use the tools in the "Format" tab.

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