How to Create a Frame for a Page in Microsoft Word

By Shreya Mehta

Frames within a web page help divide it into different sections that point to another web page or another frames page. This prevents the information from appearing cluttered. It also enhances the usability of the website, as users can find the information they are looking for in a much more organized manner. Frames pages can be created with HTML tags. However, applications such as Microsoft Word allow you to create frames pages without coding. Learn how to easily create frames for a web page in Microsoft Word.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word and go to the "File" menu. Select "New." Click on "Web page."

Step 2

Go to the "Format" menu and select "New Frames Page" from "Frames."

Step 3

Choose a frame structure from the "Frames" toolbar. Your options are to insert a frame to the left, right, above or below on the page.

Step 4

Drag the border until the frame is the size you would like it to be. You can add frames within frames by clicking in the area where you want to insert a frame and choosing a frame structure again.

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