How to Create a Line Graph on Microsoft Excel

By Erika Dean

Microsoft Excel is a program you can use to analyze data. If you want to use the data you have compiled to create a line graph in Excel, it takes little time to do so. Microsoft Excel offers several types of line graphs you can choose from. After you create the line graph, you can always go back later to customize it.

Step 1

Open the Excel spreadsheet that has the data you want to use to create a line graph.

Step 2

Highlight the data you want to insert. The data must be organized by rows or columns and each row or column should be labeled.

Step 3

Look to the Excel ribbon and click the "Insert" tab. You can insert objects and create graphs here.

Step 4

Click the "Line" button located in the "Charts" section of the ribbon. A menu will drop down that has several line graphs you can choose from.

Step 5

Click the line graph you want to use. The line graph will appear in the center of your spreadsheet and will reflect the data you selected. You can click the outside of the graph to move it around the spreadsheet.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to add data to the graph, right-click over the graph and select "Add Data" and then select the data you want to add.

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