How to Create a New Folder On Your Computer Desktop

By braniac

In this article I am going to show you the simple steps to add a new folder to your computer desktop. By the end you should be able to have a brand-new folder created in less then one minute and consolidate all of your icons on the main page into the proper folders or just create a folder for certain reaons. So sit back and relax and learn about "How to create a new folder on your computer desktop".

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Time

Step 1

The first thing you will want to do is to get to your home desk top. This is where all of your computer icons are and the spot where your computer goes to when you turn it on.

Step 2

Next you will want to right click on any area on the desktop. Make sure not to click on another folder because you will then be attempting to edit that folder. See the picture to see what it will look like once you "right click"

Step 3

The next step it go to the "new" option located near the bottom of the pop up screen and just hover on it so it produces the next pop up screen. See the picture for an example.

Step 4

Next you will want to locate the option "Folder" and left click on this option.

Step 5

From here you will notice a new folder that is now on your desktop. As well you will see it labeled "new folder". Most likely it will let you edit the folder name right after you create it. But if it does not right click on the folder and click on the option to rename. This should highlight the box and you should be able to enter what you would like and then just hit enter or click off of the folder.