How to Create a QR Code Coupon

By Tony Allevato

QR Codes are two-dimensional bar codes that encode a small block of data, such as plain text or an Internet URL, in a compact graphical form. Users of cell phones with QR Code support can use their phone's camera to take a photograph of a code and software on the phone will extract the data that it represents. Thanks to the way the code is constructed, they can be decoded under many different rotations, scales and quality conditions.QR Codes can be generated freely on the Internet, and as cell phone cameras that can recognize them become more widespread, they provide an attractive way for people and companies to exchange information quickly.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Printer

Step 1

Open your web browser and go to the KAYWA QR Code generator website (see Resources).

Step 2

In the box labeled "Content type," click on the type of data that you want to encode: a website URL, a short piece of text, a phone number or an SMS text message. Applications that scan QR Codes use this content type information to determine how best to handle the decoded data.

Step 3

Enter the content that you want to encode in the field(s) in the box labeled "Content."

Step 4

Select the size of the QR Code that you want to generate from the "Size" drop-down list. Choices range from small to extra-large.

Step 5

Click the "Generate!" button. The QR Code image will appear in the box to the left.

Step 6

Right-click on the image and save the image to your hard drive by choosing "Save Image As..." from the menu (or a similarly named option, depending on your preferred web browser).

Step 7

If you want to create a printable coupon that includes the QR Code, open your word processor and import the image into your document, incorporating it into your document's layout as you wish.