How to Create a Transparent GIF in Paint Net

By Nita Munoz

Creating a GIF in Paint.NET is easily done. A GIF, Graphic Interchange Format, is the most widely used format on the internet. It's ideally used with websites because of its see-through quality that allows the background of the website to show through. Although it looks difficult, its creation is quite simple.

Things You'll Need

  • Free Paint.NET program

Creating a Transparent GIF in Paint.NET

Step 1

Use Paint.NET to open the picture the background of which you would like to make transparent. If the file format is currently anything other than GIF, re-save your image as GIF.

Step 2

On the toolbar, select the Magic Wand option then set the tolerance level to 0 percent. Anything below 60 percent should work to make the background transparent.

Step 3

Click on the areas that you want to make transparent. The Magic Wand tool will select the specific color you choose and all surrounding it that matches that color.

Step 4

After you have selected the color, press the delete key. The selected color will vanish and you will be left with a checkerboard like background.

Step 5

Save your GIF image and use as desired.

Tips & Warnings

  • It's best to use .BMP format to change to a GIF. JPEG tends to lose more quality when manipulated further.
  • Make sure that any color used for the transparency does NOT appear anywhere in the picture. The Magic Wand will select that as well and will make that color completely invisible.