How to Create a Trifold Brochure With Word

By Aksana Nikolai

A brochure is a pamphlet or booklet typically consisting of one or more pages folded into two or more sections. Companies and organizations often use brochures as part of their outreach strategy. Creating brochures need not involve spending money on professional communications and printing services. You can make a trifold brochure using the word processing program Microsoft Word. The commands required to do so vary slightly depending on the version of Word you are using.

Things You'll Need

  • Brochure text and graphics
  • Printer and printing paper

Step 1

Open a new Microsoft Word document. Click on the “View” menu and click on “Page Layout” view, if this option is not already selected.

Step 2

Select the “Page Setup” option from the “File” menu. If you are using later versions of Word, “Page Setup” is located within the ribbon’s “Page Layout” tab.

Step 3

Locate the margin size settings within the “Margins” tab within the “Page Layout” window. Users working with later versions of Word must click on “Columns” within the “Page Setup” section. Type in the desired margin size or use the arrows to select this option for the “Top,” “Bottom,” “Left” and “Right” fields.

Step 4

Click on the “Landscape” option within the “Orientation” section. Click “OK.” In later versions of Word, “Orientation” is a button within the “Page Setup” section of the “Page Layout” tab.

Step 5

Select “Columns” from the “Format” menu. A window called “Columns” will appear. Click on “Three” within the “Presets” section. Enter the desired spacing size into the “Spacing” field. Click “OK” to return to the document.

Step 6

Select “Page Break” from the “Insert” menu or the “Page Layout” tab if using later versions of Word. Doing so will create two pages containing three columns each.

Step 7

Insert brochure content into the columns. Select the “Text Box” or “Word Art” options from the “Insert” menu. Add pictures from a file on your computer by selecting “Picture” from the “Insert” menu. Alternatively, copy and paste images into the document. Insert content that you wish to display on the on the outside of the brochure onto the first page of the Word document. Contents for the inside of the brochure should go on the second page.

Step 8

Select “Print” from the “File” menu. Click on the “Properties” button within the “Print” window. Click on the “Page Setup” tab within the “Properties” window. Check the “Duplex Printing” box and click “OK.” Click “OK” within the “Print” window to begin printing the document. When prompted, take the printed sheet and insert it back into the printer feed upside down and with the printed side up. Click “OK” on the prompt to print the second page on the other side of the sheet.

Step 9

Use the columns as a guide when folding the printed page into a trifold brochure.