How to Create a Workflow Diagram

By Maureen Bruen

Every work procedure has a series of steps that can be displayed on a diagram to visually represent the flow of work. If the steps are graphically represented and connected in sequence, the result is a workflow diagram. Any graphics software with flow chart shapes can be used to create a workflow diagram. But, before you purchase software, look for Microsoft Visio on your machine since it is included in many installations of Microsoft Office. Every version of Visio is suitable for creating a workflow diagram.

Step 1

Open your version of Microsoft Visio from the "Microsoft Office" selection on the "All Programs" menu. You can also click "Start" then "Microsoft Visio 2003", or whatever version of Visio you have, to open Visio from your "Start Menu."

Step 2

Click "File > New > Business Process" and then select "Work Flow Diagram" from the list of "Business Process" diagrams.

Step 3

Click and drag each shape you need from "Work Flow Diagram Shapes" on the left, to the drawing window. Repeat this process until all of the shapes are in the drawing window.

Step 4

Arrange the shapes in the work flow order.

Step 5

Click and drag the "Dynamic connector" in "Work Flow Diagram Shapes" and place it between the arranged shapes to connect them to the left and right access points. Repeat this process until all of the shapes are connected.

Step 6

Click "File > Save," give the diagram a name, and click "Save" to save your workflow diagram.