How to Create an Append Action Query in Microsoft Access

By Techwalla Computers Editor

With an Append action query, you can add a group of records from one or several tables to the end of one or more tables. You might do this if you acquire a new database of information that is pertinent to one or more of your tables. Appending the information will save you the trouble of re-typing. These instructions apply to MS Access 97.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Access

Step 1

Open the Database window (F11). Click the Query tab.

Step 2

Click New, then click Design View.

Step 3

From the Query menu, select Append. A dialog box appears.

Step 4

Use the Table Name box to identify the name of the table that is to receive the records.

Step 5

If the table is in the current database, click Current Database. Otherwise, click Another Database and enter the name and path of the database containing the table.

Step 6

Click OK.

Step 7

Drag the fields that you want to use for setting query criteria to the design grid.

Step 8

If necessary, enter the names of the fields in the table that you are adding the records to.

Step 9

Use the Criteria cell to enter the criteria on which additions will be made (all values equal to "Memphis" for example).

Step 10

Switch to Datasheet view to preview the changes, then return to Design view.

Step 11

Click Run when you are satisfied.