How to Create an Invoice in Excel

By Joshua Mcgee

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program designed to make routine calculations automatic. By adding simple coding, called functions, you can program Excel spreadsheets to quickly add, multiply and subtract raw data. This makes Excel the perfect tool for creating invoices. As the data changes, the totals will automatically be updated.

Step 1

Type the headings. In the first row, type the headings for each element in your invoice. Some common headings may include Date, Product, Price, Quantity, Discounts, and Product Subtotal.

Step 2

Format the cells. The cells that will contain text should already be formatted; however, you will need to format the cells that will contain currency and dates. To format the cell, right-click on the cell and select "Format Cells." For the date cells, select "Date" from the "Category" box. Then, select the desired type. For currency cells, select "Currency" from the "Category" box.

Step 3

Enter the information. Enter the data for each item purchased. If you do not currently have information, you may want to enter a few rows of arbitrary information so that you can see how the final invoice will appear.

Step 4

Enter the product subtotal formula. To determine each product's subtotal, select the cell that will contain the subtotal. In the formula bar, type "=sum(" and select the cells that will make up the subtotal, such as price, quantity and discounts. Then, press "Enter" to close the formula.

Step 5

Create the invoice total cells. In the row where you want the invoice subtotal, select all of the cells in that row that precede the subtotal cell. Right-click and select "Format Cells." Select the "Alignment" tab and choose "Merge Cells" from "Text control." Select "Right" from the "Horizontal Text Alignment" drop-down box. Type "Subtotal" in the merged cell. Repeat this step to create a cell for taxes and total.

Step 6

Enter the invoice total formulas. Select the Invoice Subtotal cell. Enter "=sum(" and select all of the cells in the product subtotal column; press "Enter" to close the formula. Select the Taxes cell. Enter "=[invoice subtotal cell] * [tax percentage]." Press "Enter" to close the formula. Select the Total cell. Enter "=sum(" and select the "Subtotal" and "Taxes" cells. Press "Enter" to close the formula.

Tips & Warnings

  • After the invoice is complete, you can customize the way the invoice looks by using the formatting tools.