How to Create Dancing Elves

By Tamara Warta

Creating dancing elves is a fun and easy way to bring some cheer to friends and family members, especially during the holiday season. With a leading website from a big name-retailer partnered with a video personalization business, you can superimpose your favorite faces onto an animated elf crew no matter what the time of year. Even if you have little to no experience with photo editing, you can easily create dancing elves to share.

Things You'll Need

  • Head-on photographs of friends and family

Step 1

Log onto the Office Max website during the holiday season. Follow the link to the "Elf Yourself" internal website. If it is not during the holidays, you will see an automated message telling you when to check back. During the off-season, visit

Step 2

Select either the automated dancing elf card on Office Max, or type "elves" into the search bar of the Jib Jab website and select "office party elves." Select the number of elves you want in your video and upload a photo for each elf. The photos used should be straight head-on shots that are clear enough to be cropped to just the face of each individual. You can choose to upload from your computer's hard drive, or via Facebook. Repeat the upload process for each elf until you have filled all the spots.

Step 3

Add a personalized message to your dancing elf card. Both sites will allow you to do this, and it will be the next prompted step when you are through uploading your photographs. Type in whatever greeting you want to, within the character limit.

Step 4

Click on "preview" to view your completed dancing elf e-card just as your recipients will see it. Make any edits you would like, and then click "onward" to send your e-card. You will then be prompted to send your card. Enter the email addresses of your friends and family members, and review for any typing errors. Press "send" and your dancing elves will be on their way to your designated in-boxes.

Step 5

Display your Jib Jab or Office Max creation on Facebook, or send it to your own email address so you can retain a copy to share with whomever, whenever. If you wish, return back to the original website to create another session of dancing elves using different photos.