How to Create Email Folders in Gmail

By Kenny Soward

Gmail is a widely used Web-based email client supported by Google. Gmail is unique in that it does not utilize folders for email organization but rather provides unique labels with which to organize your incoming and outgoing correspondence. Labels are convenient because they act like folders but also allow you to assign multiple labels to a conversation, including the original email and your associated replies. This creates a "thread-like" feel to your Gmail inbox.

Step 1

Log in to your Gmail inbox and click the "Labels" drop-down menu. Select "New Label" and then assign a name to your new label. If you have messages already selected (by clicking the check box next to the message) they will be categorized under your new label.

Step 2

Assign an existing label to a new message by clicking the check box next to the message, clicking the "Labels" drop-down menu and then choosing a label for that message. You may then click "Archive" so that the message is cleared from your inbox.

Step 3

Organize your labels by clicking the "Labels" drop-down menu and selecting "Manage Labels." From the Manage Labels window you may hide or show labels, edit label names or remove them completely.

Step 4

Find all conversations for a particular label by clicking the label name shown on the left-hand side of your Gmail screen.