How to Create Skype Emoticons and Smileys?

By Michael Birnberg

Emoticons and smileys are pictures that you can add to an instant message chat using a simple combination of symbols found on the keyboard. They are usually used for expressing an emotion or sentiment such as love or anger, but they can also express less specific ideas, as in the case of the bandit or emo smileys. Enhancing your textual message with a smiley is a fun way to spice up your conversation in Skype.

Step 1

Check the list of emoticons that come installed with Skype by clicking the smiling face at the lower-right section of the chat window.

Step 2

Try out some of the emoticons from this extended list by typing in the chat window exactly what you see beneath the emoticon title, including the parentheses. For example, type the following to insert the smile emoticon: (smile)Middle finger (finger)Masked bandit (bandit) Drunk (drunk) Smoking (smoking) Toivo (toivo) Rock out (rock) Headbang (headbang) Bug (bug) Fubar (fubar) Poolparty (poolparty) Swearing (swear) TMI (tmi) Heidy (heidy) Mooning (mooning)Puke (puke) Lipstick makeup (makeup)Bowing man(bow)Pizza(pizza)Movie(movie)

Step 3

Use different combinations of emoticons as a way of expressing complex ideas.