How to Cross Out a Word in an Email

By Christa Titus

Some email programs, like Gmail, can have an extension added to them to create a text feature called "strikethrough." This command makes a line appear through a word or words you highlighted with your cursor to produce the same effect as if you were drawing a line through the words with a pencil. However, if your email program doesn't offer this command, you don't need to know HTML coding to create the effect. Instead, you can use the word processing software on your computer to produce the strikethrough text.

Things You'll Need

  • Word processing software
  • Email account

Step 1

Launch your email program on your computer and open a new email message.

Step 2

Fill out the address field and subject line and write your message in the body of the email. Highlight all the text when you are finished and copy it.

Step 3

Launch your computer's word processing software, and open a new document. Paste the text you copied from the email message into the document.

Step 4

Highlight the word or sentence you want to set in strikethrough text.

Step 5

Apply the strikethrough command in the word processing program. For instance, in the TextEdit program on Macintosh computers, click on the "Format" menu, pick the "Font" option and then the "Strikethrough" command. For Microsoft Office, you would click on "Home," then "Font Dialog Box Launcher." Click the "Font" tab and click on the "Strikethrough" box.

Step 6

Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 for each part of the message you want to set in strikethrough formatting.

Step 7

Highlight and copy all of the text in the word processing document.

Step 8

Highlight all of the copy in the email message, and paste the text from the word processing document over it. The email message will now reflect the strikethrough formatting that was applied in the word processing program.

Step 9

Send the email.