How to Cross Out Text in MS Word

By Meg Jernigan

Word, Microsoft’s word processor, has a wide range of features. Learning how to use these features helps you save time and create better documents. All of the features in Word can be accessed by using either the mouse or keystrokes. Which you use is a matter of personal preference but knowing how to use both can be a lifesaver if you have a hardware problem. Crossing out text is called "strikethrough" in the Word menu.

Step 1

Select the text you want to cross out by either double-clicking on a word, sentence or paragraph. You can also put your mouse pointer on the end of the text you want to cross out and highlight it by left-clicking and dragging the mouse pointer to the beginning of the text.

Step 2

Press the Alt key and the letter O. Select Font by pressing the letter F. You an also use your mouse pointer to select "Format" and then "Font." This opens the Font dialog box.

Step 3

Look at the tabs at the top of the box. They read "Font," "Character Spacing" and "Text Effects." The box should have opened with "Font" at the front. If it didn’t, click on the "Font" tab or use the "Tab" key to move to the "Font" tab.

Step 4

Find the Strikethrough option in the middle of the box under Effects. Press the Alt key and the letter K to select Strikethrough or use your mouse pointer to click the Strikethrough check box.

Step 5

Press enter or click the OK button at the bottom of the box. Your text should be crossed out. To remove the Strikethrough, uncheck the box in the Font dialog box.