How to Decrease the Spacing Between Lines in Word 2007

By Aaron Wein

Word 2007 changed the default template to provide more space between lines. Word 2003's default line spacing was set at 1.0, and Word 2007's is 1.15. If Word 2007's default spacing leaves too much space between lines in your document, decrease the line spacing by editing the option from the program's Ribbon toolbar. If you find yourself constantly reformatting the spacing, you can permanently edit the program's defaults to avoid having to make the change in every new document.

Step 1

Highlight an area of the document for which you want to decrease line spacing.

Step 2

Click "Home."

Step 3

Click the "Line Spacing" button, located in the "Paragraph" section. The button has two arrows, one pointing up and the other down, with lines to the right. Clicking the button opens a drop-down list of line-spacing options.

Step 4

Click a lower number from the "Line Spacing" list to decrease line spacing.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also change Word 2007's default line spacing. From the "Home" tab, click the bottom-right arrow in the "Paragraph" section to open the "Paragraph" dialog box. Change the "Line Spacing" entry to your desired measurement, then click "Default" in the bottom-left corner of the dialog box.