How to Define Cell Ranges in Excel

By Techwalla Computers Editor

In Excel 2000, you can define names for cell ranges to make it easier to create and understand your formulas. For example, if the cells from J20 to J33 are all sources of income, you could name this cell range "IncomeSources" and then use that name in formulas.

Things You'll Need

  • Excel Book
  • Microsoft Excel

Step 1

Enter Microsoft Excel and open a worksheet.

Step 2

Select the range of cells (or even the nonadjacent cells) that you want to name.

Step 3

Locate the name box at the top-left of the formula bar, just above the row and column headings.

Step 4

Click in the box and type the name you want for the cell range.

Step 5

Press Enter to accept the name.

Step 6

Use the name in formulas you create.

Tips & Warnings

  • Excell will not accept a cell-range name that includes spaces in the title.