How to Delete a Google Account

By Chris Hoffman

Google accounts collect all your Google service data in one place. Google accounts provide one stop login for all Google services, like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and more. Deleting your Google account deletes all data associated with the account from every Google service. Delete your Google account using Google's account deletion page.

Step 1

Open the Google Accounts page.

Step 2

Sign in to the Google Accounts page. Type your Google account's email address into the "Email" box, hit "Tab" and type your Google account's password into the "Password" box, then click "Sign In."

Step 3

Click the "Edit" link next to the "My Products" header on your Google Accounts page.

Step 4

Click "Close Accounts and Delete All Services and Info Associated with It" under "Delete Account."

Step 5

Confirm the deletion of your Google Account's services on the "Delete Google Account" page by clicking the check-box next to each Google service you have data with. Deleting your Google account permanently deletes your data with all these services; there is no way to recover it.

Step 6

Provide your password for confirmation by typing it into the "Current Password" box.

Step 7

Delete your account by clicking "Yes, I Want to Delete My Account" and "Yes, I Acknowledge that I am Still Responsible for Any Charges Incurred Due to any Pending Financial Transactions," then clicking "Delete Google Account." If you do not use any commercial Google services like Google CheckOut or Google Adwords, the "pending financial transactions" disclaimer does not apply to you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Deleting your Google Account deletes all of your personal data associated with it.
  • You can't create a new Gmail address with the same user name after deleting your Google Account.