How to Delete Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

By Craig Brewer

Removing cookies (files that save information about Internet sites you've visited) from Mozilla Firefox is a relatively straightforward process, but doing it often can help keep your hard drive from becoming too cluttered and remove potential security threats. While many protection programs, such as Norton Utilities, will delete cookie files for you, you can do it within the browser itself.

Things You'll Need

  • Copy of Mozilla Firefox
  • Basic knowledge of browser options

How to Delete Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Step 1

Go to the menu bar, select Tools, and then Options.

Step 2

Select "Privacy" on the list of tabs that appears.

Step 3

Find the section marked "Private Data" at the bottom of the window and click the Settings button.

Step 4

Check to be sure that "Cookies" has a check mark in the box beside it. If the box is blank, click it.

Step 5

Select OK. At this point, you have two options. You can have Firefox delete the cookies now, or you can set it up to delete them every time the browser closes.

Step 6

Press "Clear Now" to manually delete all cookie files.

Step 7

Click the box next to "Always clear private data when I exit Firefox."

Step 8

You can also select "Clear Private Data" from the Tools drop-down menu at any time. Or you can press Ctrl+Shft+Del.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can manually select individual cookie files to save or delete if you want to customize your cookie settings. Go to the same Privacy tab mentioned in step 3 and select "Exceptions." Follow the onscreen instructions to select individual sites for which you want to keep cookies.