How to Delete Internet Explorer History

By Susan M Keenan

As people use their web browsers, the websites they visit are tracked and stored on their hard drives. Unless you clear this information from your browser, anyone who uses the computer can easily check to see what you have been up to on the Internet. For the sake of your privacy, it is important to clear this history from the browser, especially on public computers. Plus, deleting Internet Explorer history will also help to speed up the computer by freeing up resources. Learn the simple steps that will clear the Internet Explorer history or evidence of this Internet usage from the computer.

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer.

Step 2

Navigate to "Tools," which is found in the list of options across the top of the page.

Step 3

Select the option labeled "Internet Options."

Step 4

Select the option labeled "General."

Step 5

Select the option labeled "Temporary Internet Files."

Step 6

Select the option labeled "Delete Cookies."

Step 7

Select the option labeled "Delete Files."

Tips & Warnings

  • Clear the history in Internet Explorer each time you browse the web to secure your privacy from others.
  • Although these steps will clear the Internet history from easy access by others, applications exist that can restore this information if someone is serious about finding out where you have been surfing.